Mississippi License Plate Lookup

Mississippi License Plate Lookup

Let’s imagine you are buying a new car in Mississippi (MS). You think it is a high-quality vehicle as it looks like a new car. But you don’t know whether it is a successful choice or not. In that case, you should do a Mississippi license plate lookup.

Ways to lookup a license plate in Mississippi

There are three options for searching.

  • First, you can apply to the MS Department of Revenue. In particular, you need to complete a request form and wait for the results.
  • Second, you can run a Mississippi License Plate Lookup online. There are private companies that have huge databases that show info about vehicles. This is easy and quick. To run a plate search you need a VIN (verification identification number). Just make sure that the VIN is correct. Then insert the VIN and check the details.
  • Third, you can check the details about the vehicle with the help of a private investigator. Although you may spend lots of money it still proves useful.

Mississippi License Plate Lookup Results

As a result, you will get a report on that particular vehicle you want to purchase. The report will include information about:

  • the year of production,
  • the present owner,
  • accident history or number of accidents,
  • history of damage caused by fire, water, or storm,
  • the theft history (you will know whether the car has been stolen),
  • distance traveled measured by the odometer,
  • defects or damages (you will know whether the lemon law which defines unsafe cars is applicable to that vehicle),
  • salvage history or car’s problematic characteristics,
  • liens, or repossession history.


Despite the available information, the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) tries to protect private information about the owners. So you cannot know who the owner of a vehicle is if you have a vehicle tag number. Therefore, the owner’s name, address, social security number, or driver’s license, etc is available only in special cases. For that, you must have acceptable reasons.

Vehicle registration in Mississippi

Vehicle registration is the first thing you should do after buying a vehicle. The registration takes place at the county’s Tax Collector’s office. In whatever county you park or domicile your vehicle there you should register it.

If you bought a new car from a dealer you have seven working days to apply for the tag. In case your vehicle is situated outside of your current county you are given 48 hours for transporting it. Then you have another seven days for registering the vehicle. If you fail to do that you will have penalties.

New residents must register their vehicles within thirty days if there was a prior registration in their state. Failure to do so will result in at least a $250 penalty. The Legislative Tag Credit will not be available for you in two cases if:

  • The vehicle has not been registered in the previous state.
  • The previous MS license plate expiration date has finished.

If you are a military member and reside MS doesn’t offer you any registration exemption.

Mississippi Vehicle Titles

The Department of Revenue (DOR) issues vehicle titles. They are documents that confirm ownership. Vehicles of the year 1969 models or newer are required to be titled. However, registration for the models produced earlier than in 1969 is voluntary.

If you have bought a car outside of the state you need to present its title from the prior state, the present mileage, and receipt of the vehicle registration. However, there are cases when the vehicle is not registered in the previous state. In that case, you need to present the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin.

Apply for the Mississippi license plate

In MS, you can apply for a license plate with the DOR.

Tax Collector’s office will require the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Vehicle’s title
  • Registration receipt

The following vehicles must have plates:

  • Passenger vehicles,
  • Pickup trucks,
  • Trailers,
  • Motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds.

Personalized vanity plates in Mississippi

In Mississippi, there are different types of license plates. For getting one you should check your eligibility for a specific type.

In particular, personalized vanity plates must have a maximum of seven characters including numbers, letters, and a space. Nevertheless, there are two conditions that the suggestion must meet. Firstly, no profane or offensive word is allowed. Secondly, the number in question must not be in use. Therefore, to meet these criteria, the DOR must approve the custom.

The design of MS license plates has changed since 2019.

The MS Department of Revenue may refuse and not issue specific plates, for more information visit Mississippi banned license plates page.

Specialty license plates

Types of specialty license plates in MS are:

  • Military plates are for veterans and for people who fought in a war and survived.
  • Charity plates are for those who want to contribute to a charity cause through annual donations.
  • Collegiate plates are for people who intend to exhibit their support to their previous university or school.
  • NASCAR plates are for featuring car drivers and teams.
  • Organizational plates are for those who are a member of an organization to get this type of plate.
  • Fraternity and sorority plates are for people that have taken part in their school years.
  • Antique car plates are for vehicles that are 25 years old and even older.
  • Occupational plates are for those who want to receive a specific custom emblem specifying their field or job.

To apply for this type of plate you need to visit the Tax Collector’s office in person. Then you must present proof of your special tags. Note that you can apply for two types of plates at the same time.

Disability tags or placards

If you are a disabled person you are eligible to apply for a disability tag/placard. For that, you need to submit an MS Disabled Parking Application filled out by your doctor or nurse. Generally, you don’t have to pay additional fees apart from your registration fee and taxes. Take into account that the placard should be attached to the rear mirror only when an individual with a disability is a passenger or driver while parking. In case of need, disabled persons can get two plates and two placards.

Besides, there are also Disabled Veterans Plates. For that, surviving veterans or their spouses are eligible. But those persons must present proof of their service-related disability. In addition, the person must be 100percent disabled.

Also, Mississippi issues license plates for retired military.

Renew Mississippi license plate

Usually, tags are valid for 5 years unlike in Minnesota. To renew your license plate you need to apply to your local county office and submit the documents needed. After that, pay the fee. You can apply online, in person, or by mail.

Before the renewal deadline, you will likely get a notice. In that, the expiration date will be mentioned. Very importantly, make sure you renew your plates within 15 days after the expiration. Otherwise, starting from the 16th day of the month, penalties will apply at the rate of 5%. Every 30 days costs a 5% increase in payment. But the maximum rate is 25%. After reaching the maximum penalty, you will be prohibited from any Legislative Tag Credit.

Replace Mississippi license plates

There are cases when license plates are damaged, lost, or stolen. In that case, you should report to the police and replace it. If yours needs to be replaced too you should apply to the Tax Collector’s Office. As a result, they will give you a form to complete.

Surrender Mississippi license plates

Surrendering license plates is possible in three instances. Firstly, you may move from Mississippi to another state. Secondly, you may sell your vehicle, Finally, you may stop your car’s insurance. In all these cases you will no longer need your license. Therefore, you will need to surrender them to the Tax Collector’s office. You can do that online or in person.

If you sell your vehicle you can apply for a refund for the unutilized portion of your registration. But refunds are not available if you move out of state.

Transfer Mississippi license plates

In MS, one can’t transfer the standard license plates. That is to say, new owners or newly purchased cars should get their plates.

Mississippi License Plate Lookup : Costs

Here is the overview of fees you may need to pay for registering or titling your car, applying for license plates, or replacing vehicle tags.


  • Vehicle registration – $14.00
  • Registration renewal – $12.75
  • While tagging your car you must pay privilege and ad valorem taxes, and registration fees.


  • Motor vehicle title – $9.00
  • “Fast Track” title – $30.00
  • Transaction fee – $1.00


  • Standard personalized plates – $33.00
  • Fees for specialty plates vary.


  • Substitute tag – $10.00
  • Substitute decal – $2.50

Note that there are also taxes you should pay. Taxes vary by your vehicle type and price, and residence place. For knowing how much you need to pay, contact your local county Tax Collector’s Office.

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