Mississippi Driver License

Mississippi Driver License

In our page you’ll also learn about such things as: validity and expiration date of a driver’s license, appliance fees and important documents. Make sure you have learned everything perfectly, before applying for your Mississippi driver’s license.

How to get a Mississippi driver license?

Obtaining a Mississippi driver’s license is especially important for those who are first-time drivers in the state. Moreover, if they are non-residents, they have to learn many new things. Let’s start with the requirements:

Appliance requirements

Firstly, you need to be present in person when applying for your Mississippi driver’s license. You must provide:

  1. A completed application form of the driver’s license: Your signature should be on it. However, if you are 17, your parents/guardian must sign it.
  2. Current Social Security card (original one): The Mississippi state doesn’t accept the scan or printed versions.
  3. Your birth certificate: have the certified version.
  4. The results of the vision screening: They should show that you have gained a passing score.
  5. Residency Information: There should be proof of your address. If you are younger than 18, use your parents’ Mississippi address.
  6. Licensing fees’ payments.

Testing Process

To clarify, you won’t get your Mississippi driver’s license unless you pass knowledge and driving tests.

Written knowledge test

The Mississippi driver’s manual will help you to get ready for the knowledge test. It is stated, that the questions are mainly based on the information the manual contains. Besides, you can take some online tests similar to that one.

Then contact the local license office to know when you can take your test. In some cases, you’ll have to make an appointment beforehand. This test is mostly needed if you are not a Mississippi resident.

Driving skills test

The driving test is at most important for all licensees. Drivers should come with their own vehicles and insurance proof. There are specially licensed officials who test the drivers’ skills.

During this test they find out the real abilities of the drivers: How they handle the vehicle, follow road rules, and so on. Only after passing this test you can obtain your Mississippi driver’s license.

In case you fail any of these tests, you’ll have to retake it the following day. So, make sure you have prepared for them very well. Otherwise, you won’t become an owner of both the vehicle and the Mississippi driver’s license.

How to get a Mississippi driver license if you are a non-resident?

For non-residents there are some requirements they need to meet. The only exception is the Mississippi driver’s license. They don’t have to provide it. However, your driver’s license will be valid as long as you legally stay in the state.

Your application must include the following valid immigration papers: proof of residency place, foreigner resident card, print of I-94, translated birth certificate and passport.

How to get a class B driver license?

To get a Class B or Commercial driver’s license you will have to:

  1. Present all the papers and do the needed payments.
  2. Bring the medical certificate.
  3. Pass the written knowledge test to get a Mississippi Class B driver’s license.
  4. Take another written test for endorsement.
  5. Undertake the final skills tests with the wanted type of vehicle.

Remember, that for taking the written test you don’t have to make an appointment. However, for the skills tests, you’ll have to make an appointment beforehand.


To clarify, you need the Mississippi Class B license to drive trucks and buses. Here is the list of the exams you need to take for getting the license: CDL road test; Air brakes test; Pre-trip test; Endorsements test; Skills tests and the written knowledge test.

How to renew Mississippi driver’s license?

Like all the other licenses, the Mississippi driver’s license also expires one day. To avoid it, do the renewal beforehand (6 months before expiration). However, you still have a chance to renew it within a year after it has been expired. To renew it you must visit the local DPS office.

As a resident, you have to present: your current driver’s license; residency proof, and other papers the office will require. In case you are not a resident of the state, you should bring your residency card, immigration paperwork, and your passport.

After the appliance, you should pass the vision test. Then do your payments, according to the renewed type of the license (4-year/8year licenses). There will also be a $1 fine for a late renewal. You can either pay by cash or by card. In one week you’ll get the license via mail.

How much is Mississippi driver license?

As there are two types of Mississippi driver’s licenses the costs may vary. The difference is in their durability. To clarify, for a 4-year license you’ll have to pay $20-25. However, for the 8-year license, the fee will be $45-50.

The MS Department of Public Safety doesn’t accept any check payments. So, make sure you pay the fee only by cash or by debit/credit card.

How to replace a lost Mississippi driver license?

If it happened so, that you have come to this problem, there are many ways to solve it. You can do the replacement:

  1. By visiting the local driver’s license office
  2. In an online way
  3. Through a call (by phone)

In case you want to make the process faster, choose the first option. Doing the replacement in person is definitely the fastest way. Here is how to do it:

  1. Bring papers that show residential and identical proof
  2. Search for the nearest driver’s license office
  3. Make sure you pay for the replacement. The current fee is about $12
  4. Finally, get your new duplicate license after taking all these steps

What does endorsement mean on a driver’s license?

Here are the Mississippi driver’s license main classes and their endorsements:

Class R or a regular license

The owner of this license can only drive a motorcycle and no other vehicle. Any Mississippi driver’s license holder can receive this endorsement.

Class A license

Drivers can have any mixture of vehicles with gross weight. The weight of the vehicles should be 26.000 pounds or more.

Class B license

Similar to the Class A license this is for the vehicles with gross weight. The exception is that the vehicles won’t tow any other vehicle with a 10.000-pound weight.

Class C license

This is for vehicles that can transport sixteen or more people together with the driver. Also, the vehicles which people can use to transport hazardous materials.

Class D license

This license is for all the other vehicles which are left. To clarify, these are the vehicles that don’t belong to A, B, and C license classes.

There are also Mississippi commercial driver’s licenses. Here are they and their endorsements:

  • H license; this allows drivers to operate vehicles only for transportation of hazardous materials.
  • K license; doesn’t allow drivers to use vehicles that are without air brakes.
  • T license; lets owners drive double or triple trailers.
  • P license; allows drive and carry passengers with your vehicle.
  • N license; permits driving tank vehicles.
  • X license; contains endorsements of tank vehicles and hazardous materials.
  • S license; lets using the vehicle in the purpose of transporting pupils as a school bus.
  • I license; allows only intrastate driving.
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