Mississippi Banned License Plates

Mississippi Banned License Plates

The DOR (The Department of Revenue) of Mississippi requires all the owners of cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans to register their vehicles and get a license plate for them. That is for driving legally in the state. So, you must proceed to the registration process and get a plate for your vehicle in a short time after purchasing it. But before applying for the plate, you need to know that not all the combinations can be approved by the DOR.

So, you need to know the reasons why the state can reject a certain combination. This article will help you to know everything about the prohibited vanity plates.

Types Of Vanity Plates In The State Of Mississippi

After finishing the required registration, you can apply for the license plate. First, you can get a temporary plate to drive legally while your license plate is in process. You can use it for only 7 days.

Here you may find these types of license plates:

  • “Disability”
  • “Standard”
  • “Personalized”
  • “Specialty”

The fees can vary. Some have a regular cost. Yet, for some types, you must pay extra fees along with the registration cost.

After getting a license plate, you need to attach it to the front side and rear. Yet, only trailers and motorcycles must have a license plate on the backside of the vehicle. Also, you need to attach your registration sticker to the lower right corner.

To apply for the plate in Mississippi, you should visit the State DOR in person. Then, you must fill in the application form. To clarify, if you have an out-of-state vehicle, then you can register it within thirty days. On the other hand, if you are a resident, you have only seven days to register your vehicle after buying it.

Banned License Plates In Mississippi

As we mentioned above, there can be some types of combinations not acceptable by the DOR. These combinations are most likely to be banned according to state law.

Firstly, the valued plate can contain up to seven characters. Secondly, you can also use numbers, letters, and one space. The fee for the custom plates is $31, plus an extra fee for the registration.

You can look your plate up online with your plate number. At this point, you will see the reasons for the license plate refusal:

  • It contains abusive, vulgar, detracting phrases.
  • The content is sexual. Or it contains references to violent scenes.
  • It includes military slang.

Almost the same reasons you will find while searching information about the banned license plates in Delaware.

Here are some examples, when the DOR refused the license plates:

  • “JODY69”, “RUFROGY”. The reason for the refusal is their sexual content (for the first one, it is the number “69”).
  • “BDMFEDR”, “GANDMN”, “FKH8RS”, “BITEME”, etc. The DOR prohibited these combinations because of the vulgar phrases.
  • “KILLER3” was banned because of its violent content.

To sum up, sometimes the DOR checks all the applied plates with the help of urban dictionaries. So, you need to choose an appropriate combination according to the DOR requirements.

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