Mississippi Tattoo License

Mississippi Tattoo License

You live in Mississippi state and want to start a tattooing career is very rewarding. One thing is absolutely clear. That is to conduct legally, you need nothing but pass through proper registration. Here you do not need much research. This article is to walk you through the steps to this engaging job.

How to get a license to tattoo?

Your first important step is to gain a Mississippi tattoo license. This permit is a key to a big career. It tends to help you conduct legally and prevent law enforcement. It is the Mississippi Department of Health, which issues the permits. So, you should go through the registration process.

This state currently issues two types of registrations. Each of them has its specific requirements. Scroll down to know the types and their claims.

Regular registry demands

Once you choose this type of registry, you will probably meet the following requirements:

  • Notarized implementation
  • Driver license‘s copy
  • Passport style photo
  • Proof of completed course of the American Red Cross, Preventing Disease Transmission or its equivalent
  • Current/non-current licensure/registry verification
  • Current/non-current licensure/registry copy
  • Non-refundable implementation fee of $150 ( with an additional $150 for each registration and body piercing registration)

Provisional registry demands

Here the claims are mainly the same with a few differences:

  • Notarized implementation
  • Driver license’s copy
  • Passport style photo
  • Non-refundable implementation fee of $150 (with an additional $150 for each registration and body piercing registration)
  • Proof of completed course of the American Red Cross, Preventing Disease Transmission or its equivalent
  • Completed and signed supervisory agreement form

Note: You can acquire your implementation both online and in person.

Working area requirements

This is the most important part of your licensure. For Successfully pass it through, your establishment should meet the following standards:

  • It is to be maintained in a sanitary and clean manner.
  • A toilet should be within the working area for customers to be accessible.
  • There also must be a lavatory with running hot and cold water, soap, and paper towels.
  • The working area should meet the local zoning laws and entity demands.
  • It is to be separated from waiting customers by walls.
  • The furniture is to be maintained in clean condition.

Tattoo equipment demands

Besides the working area requirements, you are also to meet the working tools requirements. They are as follows:

  • All needles must be for single-use, and they must be contained in a self-sealing sterilization pouch with an indicator.
  • Sanitary containers of ink must be used for each customer, and then discarded at once.

Besides all these demands, tattooists should wear clean, single-use sanitary gloves after thoroughly washing their hands. Before the procedure, the working area must be wiped down. All the materials and products are classified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This Application Packet contains in-depth details, which will help you to go forward in this rewarding field. So go by the link for more information.

Mutual recognition application

When you transfer your permit from another Australian state, this process is mutual recognition. In other words, it is a Queensland certificate. You can be certified in Queensland, if you possess a receipt for the implementation fee and hold a current permit in another state or territory at the time of housing.

Once you meet the requirements given below, you can provide your mutual recognition application. The latter are:

  • Being 18 years and older
  • Being an Australian citizen or an occupant
  • Passing through a criminal history check by the Queensland Police Service
  • Holding a permit in Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments
  • Not being subject to a relevant control order
  • Not having a conviction of a prescribed offense

Required fees

As the permits are granted for 1 or 3 years, consequently the charges may differ. Those are as follows:

  • $240.70 for a year
  • $501.10 for 3 years

Renewal process

Once it comes to your renewal date, you will be mailed notices, at least a month before the renewal date. To clarify, your license will be valid for a year. For this purpose, you should submit your application to the Local County Health Departments. You will also need to pay a $60 renewal fee. In addition, you will have to pay $25 for reactivating your expired tattoo artist license. Here also you should submit your application to the above-mentioned Department.

To summarize, this is one of the fields, which has a close connection with human health. Besides the documentation issues, you should also become a master of your job. Also, walk through our other articles to get information about other licensure processes in this state (like the Mississippi Insurance license or whatever you would like).

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