Mississippi Contractor License

Mississippi Contractor License

If you want to become a constructor and handle big projects in Mississippi, you will definitely need to obtain a Mississippi Contractor license.

  • Firstly decide the scope of the services you are going to provide
  • Secondly, according to that choose the license type you are going to obtain for your business

So, learn how to use Mississippi contractor license lookup or MS contractor license lookup tools. Moreover, find out what do you need to get your Mississippi Contactor license.

How do you get contractors license in Mississippi?

In Mississippi the contractor licenses are issued by the MS State Board of Contractors. So, to enlarge your business and solutions, you will need to apply for the license to the Board. For the Mississippi Contractor license you should:
Firstly, choose the license type: commercial or residential. For both types you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Commercial or residential filled and notarized application form
  • If you have an LLC or corporation, proof that it is registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office
  • A sales tax number issued by the Mississippi Department of Revenue
  • Proof of general liability insurance
  • If you have 5 or more employees, submit the proof of worker’s compensation coverage
  • Three reference letters. But, one of them should be from the bank
  • A description of your work experience and skills
  • A reviewed or audited financial statement from a certified public accountant

Secondly, you will have to pay $400 for the Mississippi commercial license. And, $50 for the residential license.

After that, when the Board receives your application, they will send you PSI Candidate Information Bulletin and exam registration instructions.

Do you need a contractors license in Mississippi?

If you use the Mississippi contractors license lookup you will see, that some contractors are licensed, some are not. So, if you want to work on commercial projects over $50.000 or fire protection systems on public projects that are over $5.000 you will need to get a license. Moreover, with your license you may work on private projects over $10.000.

And, for example, if you want to handle residential projects over $50.000, residential remodeling over $10.000 or roofing over $10.000 you will need to obtain a residential contractor license.

How do you get a handyman license in Mississippi?

For handymen a license isn’t a requirement, unless the residential job costs more than $10.000. So, in this case, you will need to obtain a Residential Remodeling license. This license is also issued by the Mississippi Contractor Licensing Board.

And, for the license, you will have to pass the trade exam and the business and law exam. After that, submit the proof of general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

What is the easiest contractors license to get in Mississippi?

In Mississippi it is quite possible to make contractor’s services without obtaining a Mississippi Contractor’s license. But, if you want to work on commercial projects over $50.000, fire protection systems on public projects that are over $5.000 or for example, handle residential projects over $50.000, residential remodeling over $10.000 you will need to obtain a license.

You cannot get a license without passing the Mississippi Law and Business Management exam. In addition, in some cases you may also need to pass a trade exam.

There are many companies, which offer the exam preparation courses.

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