Mississippi Adjuster License

Mississippi Adjuster License

Need to check if an adjuster is licensed? Moreover, thinking about becoming an adjuster, want to have an insurance agency or be an independent adjuster learn how to use the Mississippi adjuster license lookup tool. And, also learn how to apply for your Mississippi adjuster license.

Does Mississippi require an adjuster license?

The adjusters should be licensed in the state of Mississippi. There are several types of adjuster licenses. But, the most popular types are the Public adjuster license and Independent adjuster license. The license requirements are general for both types:

  • Firstly, you should complete a 12-hour adjuster pre-licensing course.
  • Secondly, pass the pre-licensing exam. The exam fee is $85. If you pay just before the exam the fee is $100.

To become an adjuster you should be at least 18 years old. And, provide residence, business and mailing addresses.

For your Mississippi adjuster license, you should apply through the National Insurance Producer Registry.

The application and licensing fee are $100.

Adjuster License Renewal

All licenses expire on May 31 each year. So, if it is your initial license, it’d be better to wait till June 1st:

  • You will need to complete 12 hours of Continuing Education to renew your license.
  • To renew the Mississippi adjuster license log in to your NIPR account and click on Renew my license.
  • The renewal fee is $50.

How do I get a Mississippi insurance license?

To obtain an insurance license firstly you should decide which license type you want. For example, life, accident, and health, property or casualty, or maybe both.

And, depending on your choice you should complete pre-licensing education. For a Mississippi life insurance license, you will have to complete 20 hours of pre-licensing education. And, the same is for each type of license. But, if you want to obtain Mississippi Life, Accident, and Health insurance license, you will need to complete 40 hours of pre-licensing education. Classroom study, online or self-study education are acceptable.

After that, you should pass the Mississippi Licensing Exam. The exam provider is Pearson Vue. And, the exam completion certificate is valid for 2 years.

So, during that 2 years, you can apply for your Mississippi Insurance License through the National Insurance Producer Registry.

The application and license fee is $100.

Insurance license renewal

The insurance licenses are valid for 2 years. To renew your license you should complete 24 credit hours of Continuing Education.

The renewal fee is $100. And, you should renew your license online.

How do you become a certified public adjuster in Mississippi?

To become a certified adjuster in Mississippi you should apply for and obtain a Mississippi Public Adjuster License. To be able to obtain a public adjuster license one should be at least 18 years old:

  • So, firstly complete 20 hours of Mississippi pre-licensing course.
  • Secondly, pass the Mississippi state exam. For your exam, you should register through Pearson Vue.

After that, apply for your public adjuster license through the National Insurance Producer Registry.

The application and licensing fee are $100.

You can use the Mississippi adjuster license lookup at Mississippi Insurance Department to check if your license is issued. Moreover, you can also check the license renewal date.

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